At our events we typically have more men who attend than women. So we are going to make it our mission to attract MILLIONS of WOMEN to our challenges. We want all WOMEN, from the serious to the not so serious workout QUEENS, to come and represent for the LADIES. We want the LADIES to know this is not just for the fellas. Our events will become a lot more Attractive in a Multitude of ways with the Special Appeal that only the LADIES can bring. So, LADIES please join us on our mission as we set out to BEAUTIFY OUR EVENTS WITH THE BEAUTY OF YOU!!! 

We feel it is extremely powerful when women come together with their girlfriends to accomplish a new challenge. The BFC is an athletic event where women can run and laugh together, help encourage each other across difficult obstacles, and gain confidence as they battle the course. Your upper body strength and core body strength will be tested on the course, but do not worry about the obstacles being to manly. The obstacles are designed for anyone to do them. How difficult they are depends on your fitness level. If you feel your fitness level is not quite up to par, we offer free workout sessions for registered participants, and we will help to get your fitness level up.


Ladies, you do not have to be an athlete. This is a challenge that allows you to test yourself, and continue to remain Attractive while doing it. Do not allow this event to intimidate you like your Beauty intimidates men. The Event is really doable and fun, even if you are not a fitness-crazed individual. It is an experience that will motivate you to spice up your regular fitness routines by getting you out of the gym and enjoying the outdoors. This can be very empowering for women, and it can encourage them to take fitness back. The BFC is great for the Beauty of Women because you are only competing against yourself, you feel the camaraderie, and you will not be judged. So Ladies, click that Register Button , and share your BEAUTY with us.