Never taken a Brutal Fitness Challenge Training? Nervous about stepping foot into uncharted territory? Don’t SWEAT IT, because we got you covered. Our instructors are always happy to answer questions, so feel free to approach the instructor with any concerns you may have. Now, before you even come to the workout below are items you need to bring with you.

  • WATER: If you ever forget your water for the first time, it will be your last time doing so. Your body is going to need extra hydration during your workout.
  • A TOWEL: Sweat will be a part of your workout. In order to help control your sweat come fully equipped with a towel.
  • THE RIGHT GEAR: Wear clothes that you can easily move and stay cool in.
  • A WORKOUT MAT: Get yourself a nice thick workout mat. It feels really good to lay down on it to do your ground work.
  • SOLO OR BUDDY: Whether you attend the workouts as a individual or with your comrades every minute of it will be enjoyable.
  • DETERMINATION: Bring your excitement and willingness to step out of your comfort zone and challenge your body.
  • Gloves are optional

With these tools, you can begin your journey towards conquering the challenge!