When it comes to your health and fitness, the two most difficult steps are getting started and staying committed. Our training is built on motivation and fun! We want to help you be an inspiration to yourself, your family, your community, your colleagues, and anyone you come in contact with.

The Brutal Fitness Challenge Obstacle Course Training will improve your overall well-being. You will uncover and learn how to overcome minor weaknesses that can cause legitimate limitations on the course. 

Our training will help keep your heart, lungs, and circulatory system healthy, make you stronger and fitter, improve dexterity, help protect your bone health and muscle mass, improve cardiovascular health, enhance the immune system function, increase your metabolism, help keep the weight off for good, help you

develop better body mechanics, help with chronic disease management, reduce the risk of many chronic diseases, boost energy levels, strengthen your core, help to alleviate weak areas of the body, and most importantly improve your mood.

Our mission is to provide a fun filled way to promote health and fitness for individuals and families. We want all participants to know that being healthy is the foundation of enjoying life.

PLEASE NOTE: All Registered Participant can attend the workout sessions for $25. The $25 covers the Registered Participant and one child. The cost per session for Non-Registered Participants is $30 for Adults and $20 for Children. If you would like to invite someone to accompany you at your session, please feel free to do so. On the initial visit a $30 fee per Adult and $20 per Child will be required. If the adult becomes a Registered Participant after the initial visit all sessions from then on will be $25, which covers the Registered Participant and the child. If the adult or child does not become a Registered Participant the Non-Registered Participant fee remains in effect.

*Locations, Dates, and Times of sessions are subject to change at the discretion of the Brutal Fitness Challenge. Teams have first priority on all sessions.