Below find your state and click on it to find out where and when the Brutal Fitness Challenge Free Workout Sessions are happening in your area. If your state or city is not listed click HERE to let us know you want the Brutal Fitness Challenge to come to your area.

PLEASE NOTE: Now and through the 2020 season all Registered Participant can attend the workout sessions for FREE. The cost per session for Non-Registered Participants is $25 for Adults and $15 for Children. If you would like to invite anyone to accompany you at your session, please feel free to do so. On the initial visit a $25 fee per Adult and $15 per Child will be required. If the adult or child becomes a Registered Participant after the initial visit all sessions from then on will be FREE. If the adult or child does not become a Registered Participant the Non-Registered Participant fee remains in effect.