The Brutal Fitness Challenge is for people of all fitness levels, ranging from the weekend warrior to elite athletes. But make no mistake:  the obstacles on the course are tactically placed and are designed to work your entire body just as much as bringing you enjoyment. Check this out, if you find yourself on the weekend warrior end of the spectrum and want to catapult yourself over The Warped Wall with no help or complete The Gorilla Bars without falling in the muddy water, you are going to have to include some training. You need a workout routine that prepares you mentally and physically for the course. Our full body workouts can be incorporated with your current routine, or if you do not have a routine this will put you on the right track. So take the challenge and crank up your workout intensity. 



The Brutal Fitness Challenge Workout is a unique program designed to challenge and train all levels, by combining high intensity functional training within the workouts. There will not be any obstacles. The training is functional fitness for life, not just for the Brutal Fitness Challenge event. Each class delivers a full-body workout that is fun, unique, and challenging. Our classes are built against four fitness pillars; Power, Strength, Endurance, and Agility. The workouts keeps classes diverse and exciting.


STRENGTH TRAINING: This training will focus on strengthening your entire body from toe to head. The training allows you to do what you can do while focusing on excellent form using your body weight.


FLEXIBILITY & CORE TRAINING: Flexibility and core are an important component of our training program. This training will strengthen your core and help to diminish your chances of getting injured. 


STRENGTH & CARDIO: This workout will test your limits with exercises that simulate the crawling, jumping, pushing, pulling, agility, and balance you will need to make it through the course. The workout is designed to improve your cardiovascular endurance. At first you might not be moving very fast or covering much ground, but as you become more conditioned, you will start to look forward to the challenge!


REST: This is the most important one. Your body needs time to rest, recover, and integrate the work you are putting in during your workout days. 


Everyone’s starting point and abilities are different, so this is why we allow you to do what you can to begin and then build from there. Your fitness ability will not be an issue if you put a little bit of effort into prepping for the event. The Brutal Fitness Challenge Workout Program is designed with the demands of the event in mind. If you are already working out use our workout as a compliment to your workout.


PLEASE NOTE: This program was not designed to take you directly from a weekend warrior to a course dominator. A base level of fitness will be definitely needed. As long as you stick with it you will be progressing in no time.