The Brutal Fitness Challenge Metro Course is a co-ed or non-co-ed team-oriented event where teams compete on a obstacle course built by a Fitness Trainer who also is a Black Belt Martial Artist. The four-person team competition will be a 3 to 5K  course with 20+/- obstacles to test the teams' teamwork, strength, speed, and endurance.

The Metro Courses usually takes place on major beaches, parks, or metropolitan centers. The physical challenges included climbing, jumping, sprinting, balance, and above all else, the ability to overcome fears and finish as a team. These events are perfect for the novice and seasoned Brutal Fitness Challenge Loyalist looking to test their teamwork abilities in sand or urban terrain.

The Metro Course Events are not that widespread, so if you spot one near you, give it a shot to see how much you can contribute to helping your team win. These challenges differ from the original Brutal Fitness Challenge Course layout, and the types of obstacles you will encounter.

Brutal Fitness Challenge events are a true all-round physical and mental test. It is ideal for runners, weightlifters, functional fitness fans, and first timers alike. There will be parts of challenge that is going to test your team. Attend a Brutal Fitness Challenge Workout Session to focus on areas your team may not be so good at, and if that is all of them, no problem. This is all about having fun! 

The Metro Course requires teamwork to complete all obstacles. You cannot leave your team members behind. Every team member must cross the finish line in order for the team to be official done.


Your team needs to be physically and mentally prepared to persevere and overcome the course as one. The event is unique, and it is founded on camaraderie and teamwork. Be sure you have team members that are about getting up when they are knocked down and finishing what they start. Must be 18 or older to participate.



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