Do you think you have what it takes to lead a team through our course? If you feel you have the ability to lead a team to VICTORY, then begin the process of building your team.


On the registration form under the Team Participant Section you can create a team or join a team. Your team can represent your family, business, sports team, charity, etc. The registration form will allow you to enter all your teammates on one form within the same transaction. What this means is if you already have teammates committed to be on your team you can register all of them in one transaction. 


You may also have each member register for the event and affiliate themselves with your team in the Team Participant Section of the registration form. A signed PARTICIPANT WAIVER will be needed from each team member. Be sure that if you password protect your team name give the password to your teammatesIf you have completed your registration and would like to add more people to your team, see Team Management below. Any problems please click HERE.   



Once you have formed your team and would like to increase the size of of it please feel free to do so. As Team Captain you can add any Registered Participant to your team by sending them an invitation email with your Team Name inviting them to join your team. Instruct them to return your invite with their Name and Confirmation Number to . Once we receive the invite the individual will be added to your team, and you will receive a confirmation email letting you know a new team member has been added. If you password protected your team, be sure to share it with your soon to be teammate. Please be sure that any new teammates as well as any current teammates know that a signed Participant Waiver Form, located on the Find Your Event Page, is required to participate in the challenge. Any problems please click HERE.  

IMPORTANT: Joining a team does not guarantee you will hit the course at the same time as the rest of your team. You must select the same start time if you wish to conquer the course together. If you would like to join friends in a start time that is sold out, inform the captain to email us at and request to move the entire team to the next available wave time.