Take the worry out of event day and treat yourself to the Brutal Fitness Challenge First-Class VIP Experience! Your event morning will begin in your own private VIP area where you will enjoy light breakfast items, coffee, private gear check, and private restrooms. After the event, celebrate in VIP with a catered brunch, VIP bar, massage, and more!


  • VIP PARKING: Save time. No hassle. Convenience worry-free parking near the venue.

    When you are a BFC VIP you are treated to a pre-challenge continental breakfast including bagels, bananas, water, coffee, etc. 
  • PRIVATE VIP LOUNGE: The Private VIP Lounge gives you peace of mind and a less crowded space to gather your thoughts before the challenge. 
  • POST-CHALLENGE MASSAGE: The obstacle course is no joke!  Unquestionably, being able to spend a few minutes getting stretched by a professional to help your recovery is absolutely astonishing.
  • PRIVATE RESTROOMS: Truly, there is not enough time in the day to list why shorter lines and cleaner rest rooms are heaven sent on the days of the event. Little to no lines can mean going one last time before getting to the starting line.
  • PRIVATE GEAR CHECK: Private gear check means holding on to your gear until you are absolutely ready to check it in (and no waiting after the challenge). Now you can take some selfies, eat, or just chill a bit.
  • VIP BAR: The VIP Bar has unlimited Water, Chocolate Milk, and Black or Green Tea! Have a post-challenge smoothie, so you can celebrate and get your recuperation on. 
  • POST-CHALLENGE BUFFET BRUNCH SPREAD: As a BFC VIP you will have a hearty catered post-challenge buffet with eggs, french toast, mini southwest egg wraps, sausage, and bacon! 

The BFC VIP sells out quickly and spaces are limited. If you think you want to upgrade yourself, add a little bit of extra hospitality, and feel like a true 'VIP' go for it!


*Prices and perks of the Brutal Fitness Challenge VIP Experience may vary between locations. VIP is in addition to your registration