In order to become a Brutal Fitness Challenge Volunteer you need to be; Brutally Friendly, up for a challenge, able to honor your commitment, and a desire to get in and get the job done. We depend on our volunteers to help us create an unforgettable, exciting, enthusiastic, and entertaining day for everyone. We count on our volunteers' friendly faces to help calm the nerves of the participants while they are preparing for the event. As a Brutal Volunteer we want you to know, you are the BEATING HEART of our event. Just by you being at the event you will be creating memorable life altering experiences for each and every one of our participants, as well as for yourself. 

Because we LOVE our Volunteers so much we make it our business to take GREAT care of them. Below is what our volunteers will receive as a token of our appreciation for volunteering:

  •  Parking Pass
  •  Free Admission 
  •  Brutal Fitness Challenge Volunteer T-Shirt
  •  Close Proximity To All The Action
  •  Snacks
  •  Breakfast or Lunch (On Your Volunteer Day)
  •  Access To The Brutal Fitness Fun
  • A Charity donation or a discount on a BFC Registration*

As a volunteer you will have the option to choose one of the two available shifts, 5:30 AM - 1:30 PM or 11:00 PM - 7:00 PM. Completing the shift of your choice can earn your organization a monetary donation or an opportunity to do the Brutal Fitness Challenge for $40. In order to receive the volunteer benefits, you must first complete your assigned shift.  


PLEASE NOTE: Shift times are subject to change based on location.


*A monetary donation made to the charity of the group's choice based on the number of volunteers in your group who complete an entire shift at the event in the following amounts:

  • 10-15 Volunteers – $200.00 donation
  • 16-20 Volunteers – $375.00 donation
  • 21-25 Volunteers – $500.00 donation
  • 26-31 Volunteers – $750.00 donation
  • 32+ Volunteers – $1,000.00 donation


It is important that every volunteer signs in at the Volunteer Shack at the start of their shift, and signs out at the end of their shift whether part of an organization or not. Please make sure to arrive 30 minutes before your assigned shift to Sign In, Pick Up Your Volunteer T-shirt, and be escorted to your assigned area. All volunteers must be present to sign themselves in. All volunteers will need to have a signed Volunteer Waiver Form before they can commence volunteering at the Event.



Brutal Fitness Challenge volunteers may choose to participate in the event upon fulfillment of their volunteer commitment at the Brutal Fitness Challenge instead of a group monetary donation. Volunteers cannot qualify for both a $40 Brutal Fitness Challenge registration and their organization’s monetary donation. If you are interested in the $40 Brutal Fitness Challenge registration, please Inform us after your volunteer commitment is completed and we will take care of the process. 


If you want to do the Challenge and your Volunteer Commitment is on:

  • SATURDAY MORNING: You can do the challenge on Saturday after your shift, on Sunday if we have an event on that day, or at any other of our Events.
  • SATURDAY EVENING: You can do the challenge on Sunday if we have an Event on that day, or at any other of our Events.
  • SUNDAY MORNING: You can do the challenge on Sunday after your shift if we have an Event on that day, or at any other of our Events.

You will not need to preregister to use your volunteer benefits for the Event. Inform us after your volunteer commitment is completed and we will take care of the process.


Each person who applies to be a Volunteer must meet the following requirements:

  • Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older. A 16 or 17 year old can volunteer if they are; supervised, accompanied, and volunteering with the adult who signed a Parent/Guardian consent form.
  • Volunteers must attend their shift. Not showing up for your shift will create sadness because we all will be missing you. Not only that, we will not be able to experience the affect you will have on the event. 
  • Volunteers must have the ability to speak and read English.
  •  Volunteers must be prepared to be flexible.

Please Note that the number of volunteer opportunities are limited, and our team fills up very fast. Sign up as soon as you can, but please only confirm a shift you can fully commit to.



This is not the typical volunteering booster club car wash. By becoming a Brutal Fitness Challenge Volunteer, you will play a vital role in the event operations in any one of the following areas:

  • CHALLENGE PACKET PICK-UP: This will consist of looking up each person by their last name and handing out BIB Numbers, Safety Pins, etc. 
  • DAY OF EVENT REGISTRATION: This will consist of looking up each person by their last name and handing out BIB Numbers, Safety Pins, and the Challenge Goodie Bags. 
  • GEAR CHECK: This will consist of taking the gear from the participants, writing their BIB Number on the bag or bag tag, and placing the bag in a designated area.  
  • PARKING: This will consist of assisting the parking attendants with the vehicles.
  • COURSE MONITORING: This will consist of volunteers being strategically placed by the Brutal Fitness Challenge Event and EMT personnel throughout the course to ensure participants do not stray to far off the course, as well as making sure the rules are followed for the safety of everyone. Volunteers will be observing to make sure all participants complete each obstacle by doing what is required to advance to the next obstacle, as well as making sure no one gets hurt while trying to attempt an obstacle. EMERGENCY MEDICAL PLANS will be in place and EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIANS will be onsite for instantaneous access in case of an EMERGENCY. Every volunteer on the course will be given the EMERGENCY MEDICAL PLAN prior to making their way to their given location.
  • GIVING OUT REFRESHMENTS AT THE FINISH: This will consist of volunteers handing out water and fruit as the participants cross the finish line.
  • ADORNING THE FINISHERS: This will consist of placing the Covenant Custom Gold Finisher Medal around the neck of the participants who were able to conquer the course and cross the finish line.


You are about to become part of a universal class of volunteers. We would like to thank you for taking the time to volunteer. Without you we could not be as successful as we would like. Our volunteer coordinator will be contacting you about your shift assignment(s) after the applications are received. Please provide us with the information we request below so you can be on your way to becoming an official Brutal Fitness Challenge Volunteer. Whatever you do as a volunteer, you’ll be at the heart of it all, creating life-changing experiences for everyone–including yourself.


PLEASE NOTE: Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older to work alone.

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