The Brutal Fitness Challenge Obstacle Course can vary from 5 to 9k in length. It all depends on the area available at each venue. The course length will be posted for each event. Our courses are well planned, and each event has its own added pandemonium, but you should expect to enjoy yourself every time. Get ready to have fun, meet new friends, and make this the most enjoyable event you ever attended.

We want you to complete the course and have fun even if that means you have to walk from one obstacle to the next one in order to revive your energy! We foster the values of teamwork, so do not be afraid to implore a buddy system on obstacles that are giving you trouble whether you are on a team or a single participant.

We must warn you that our collection of obstacles are not just your standard mud pits and 8-foot walls! These are signature obstacles that require you to use your Strength, Endurance, Balance, Agility, and Your Grinding Capabilities! What really matters is giving every ounce of your Drive and Determination to cross the finish line.