NEED FUND$? Let the Brutal Fitness Challenge Fundraising Program Assist You at meeting your goals! This fundraiser will truly provide a great profit to any organization/group, and folks will undoubtedly enjoy it. 

The program responds to the call for greater alignment, integration, and collaboration between the children, parents, and community. This will be the most enjoyable fundraiser you have ever experienced.


  • NO STARTUP FEES: Many companies charge a reservation fee and a setup fee for their services. The Brutal Fitness Challenge Fundraiser has no upfront fees.
  • CUSTOM REGISTRATION FORM: Each organization/group will have a custom registration form. The link for the form can easily be share with friend and family using social media platforms, email, or text messaging!
  • MOTIVATING: The key to any successful fundraising campaign is enthusiasm. Our program does this better than anyone!
  • OPTIONAL ORGANIZATION/GROUP PRESENTATIONS: Our fundraiser is not hinged on competition, which can transform your children into competitive little salespeople. Ask yourself if those are really the values you want to instill in your children as they are trying to do a good thing and raise money for their organization/group. We want the children to feel more like a team. 
  • NO PRODUCT SELLING: Instead of selling products, you will be selling Health and Lifelong Wellbeing!
  • SUPER FEATURE: Friends and Family from around the globe can sign-up and become a child sponsor if they cannot attend the event!
  • IT IS A WIN-WIN!: Organizations/groups and parents are happy because a fundraiser has never been so rewarding, fun, and easy!

Finally, it is also a great opportunity to introduce new members to your organization/group. Perhaps there is a friend of a friend who is not sure exactly what your organization/group does but could easily be enticed by the promise of FUN! Now, all of a sudden, you have found your newest member.


The Brutal Fitness Challenge Fundraiser Program is a stress-free fundraising event that will unify an organization/group, families, and communities as they get involved in an event that will benefit all who participates physically and their organization/group financially. 

Basically, this fundraiser works like any other product driven fundraiser. With this fundraiser instead of peddling products, you will be promoting health, fitness, and fun. Each parent will receive instructions on how to use the event website link and the organization’s/group’s custom registration form link. 

The event website is full of useful information that answers most frequently asked questions, and the custom registration form link goes directly to the registration form. 

Parents will get family and friends to register for the event by sending them the organization/group's personal registration link. During the fundraiser, our team members can create fun fitness characters that will keep the children pumped up and motivated about the event. 

We minimize the organization’s/group’s workload which creates a stress-free environment. Since the fundraising is online, parents can tap into their family and friends wherever they reside. For out-of-towners who signed up for the event and cannot make it, we can give their registration to a deserving child.  

The event itself is held on the weekend so the organization/group’s members, parents, and community can attend, cheer, wave homemade signs, and take pictures. Children 4-13 years of age will have their course, and children 14-17 years of age will be on the adult course with their parent/guardian. 

Everyone that crosses the finish line on their respective course will receive a custom medal along with some other goodies. The weekend will be full of high-energy and enthusiasm from the children, parents, community, organization’s/group’s members, and of course, the BFC TEAM. 

The Brutal Fitness Challenge Fundraiser Program wants to be the most inclusive fundraising option for your organization/group. Our program can promote the health and wellbeing of all involved and help establish lifelong healthy behaviors. 

The fundraiser will be an adventure for all involved and climaxes into what we hope is an uplifting experience that is sure to make YOUR HIGHLIGHT REEL.


Q: How do I participate in the FUNDRAISING program?

A: Get started by clicking HERE.


Q: How can my family and friends sign-up?

A: Send family and friends the organization/group custom registration link using social media platforms, email, or text messaging.


Q: Will the younger children have their own course?

A: Yes, children 4-8 years of age will have a course, children 9-13 years of age will have a course, and children 14-17 years of age can do the adult course with their parent/guardian.


Q: What do I get for completing the course?

A:  Everyone that crosses the finish line on their respective course will receive a custom medal along with some other goodies.


Q: How long is the FUNDRAISING program?

A: 12 to 15 days.

Q: When does the actual event take place?

A: The actual event is takes place on the weekend, that way everyone involved has the opportunity to attend.


Q: How often can our organization/group conduct a FUNDRAISING program?

A: Your organization/group can participate in our FUNDRAISING program as often as desired.


Q: How are registrations accepted?

A: All registrations will be done online and payable by credit or debit card.


If you are interested in participating in our Fundraiser or have questions CONTACT US directly!

Studies show children reduce their risk of developing Heart Disease, and perform Better Academically if they get Enough Physical Activity. That is why our fundraiser is geared around getting children physical activity so they will have a fighting chance against all Chronic Diseases and Environmental Assaults.

17 percent of all children and teenagers are obese, which is a three-fold increase over the past 30 years, according to the Centers for Disease Control. By choosing this fundraiser, you can help change the trajectory of this deadly disease. 

We must integrate physical activities into our children’s lives to create a foundation of movement and activity which will be carried with them throughout the rest of their lives. Children who have higher levels of physical activity during their childhood are likely to be more active even after they mature.