In 2021 we are looking to implement obstacle course events for the children in order to move them beyond their comfort zones. We want to instill valuable lessons within the children whereas empowering them to overcome personal obstacles and forge unbreakable bonds of friendship.


When we say all children, we mean ALL CHILDREN. From the athletes who love the outdoors searching for a competitive sport, to children seeking to be part of a supportive, healthy, and motivational community. We need this for our children to help combat the 3 million US cases per year of childhood obesity in our country. Childhood obesity can lead to a multitude of chronic diseases/illnesses including the two leading causes of death in the United States, heart disease and stroke. ( Lastly it is a great way to provide an adventurous memory they can remember for years to come.


Brutal Fitness Challenge Mini - 4-6 Years Old

For children ages 4 through 6, the BFC Mini course includes a 100 meter dash followed by some mini obstacles such as wall climbs, bear crawls, hurdles, etc. Parents will accompany their child through the course.  


Brutal Fitness Challenge Jr - 7-13 Years Old

For participants ages 7 through 13, the BFC Jr course includes a 1k run with a series of fun obstacles that are just challenging enough for this age group. This exciting adventure will offer obstacles such as wall and cargo climbs, hay bales, bear crawls, quick feet steps, etc.