Thank you for visiting our website. The Brutal Fitness Challenge is an obstacle course with a mixture of a steeplechase, trail, road, and cross-country running. The course has obstacles strategically placed throughout designed to test your Strength, Endurance, Balance, and Agility. Preparing for the course is not only exciting, it will help improve your overall well-being so you can enjoy a healthier life. 

This is not just some random obstacle course, fun run, 5K, or mud run. For some individuals the name of the event might sound unsettling or even a little chaotic. But do not worry because this event will help you improve your health, challenge yourself, and achieve more than you ever fantasized. You must admit there is something empowering about knowing you are preparing to conquer a challenge like this.

You are definitely going to use muscles that have been dormant for a while. On the course your heartbeat, your blood flowing through your body, and your breathing will indicate you are LIVING, but when you cross that finish line in front of a cheering crowd, it is a feeling of being ALIVE. Take a chance and let go of whatever type of tendencies you have, and you just might surprise yourself.


We are relentlessly committed to cultivating teamwork, camaraderie, and creating an event that helps promote physical fitness in an extreme, entertaining, and fun way. Since it is a challenge and not a race, you can choose to crawl, walk, or run to the finish line.

The Brutal Fitness Challenge can change your life. Our mission is to change as many millions of lives as we possibly can. We intend on doing this by motivating people to surpass their comfort zones, learn, experience, and embrace the Brutal Fitness Challenge way of life.